Founded in 1985, Protection Development, Incorporated (PDI) provides building and fire code consulting, preparation of life safety plans, design and evaluation of fire protection systems, commissioning of life safety and fire protection systems, conducting fire flow tests, performing hydraulic modeling for underground fire lines, and assisting with construction permitting in various jurisdictions.

PDI has built a solid reputation for developing well-balanced cost-effective solutions to unique fire protection and code consulting issues in both business and industry. Fire protection and life safety features should not be considered an insignificant part of any project. Each facility presents its own complexities and characteristics to life safety and property protection. PDI draws on the varied experience of our staff to research each building and determine site-specific details. We understand the vital need for coordination with the architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of building construction and how these systems integrate with the fire protection and life safety systems of a structure. PDI will also evaluate the fire department access and infrastructure needs. Most importantly, we will identify the most cost-effective solutions and prioritize corrective measures for optimal return on a fixed budget.

We are a Texas Registered Engineering Firm and are also certified by the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA) as a Small Business Enterprise.

PDI truly believes that from a code, life-safety, and fire protection engineering perspective, projects that start well, have a much better chance of ending well. Subsequently, we strongly recommend that at the earliest phase of the project, sufficient time and resources be devoted in order to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, integrate, and achieve design team concurrence on those elements that affect fire-safety, life-safety, and code compliance, being particularly mindful of the myriad code requirements that may apply to your project.

— Dr. Robert C. Andrews, Jr., P.E., M.Sc.
President & CEO
Principal Fire Protection Engineer
Founder, Protection Development, Inc.